What to Expect During the Assisted Living Assessment

The assessment meeting is the perfect opportunity to get to know you as an individual and future community member. The meeting also provides clarity to seniors and their loved ones regarding the senior living transition process. During the assessment, the community’s staff will ask questions to ensure that the residence and programs are a great fit for an individual’s needs.

What does the assessment focus on?

The main purpose of an assisted living assessment is to make sure the community can provide the best possible quality of life for future residents.

To that effect, the State of Colorado requires all communities to acquire specific information before a new resident can move in. This form guides every assisted living assessment, regardless of the community. The questions focus on Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and other health-based needs. Answering these questions helps ensure that a community can adequately care for and support every senior who lives there.

At The Argyle, we also spend a significant amount of time talking through every person’s unique social history and pastimes. We truly get to know every future resident, including their hobbies and passions, which helps our caring staff make the senior living transition easy and enjoyable. Understanding what brings a future resident joy is extremely important, because social inclusion and support are treasured community values here.

During the assessment we’ll also review the events calendar together and suggest things a person might like to do, like MUSIC & MEMORY® for music lovers. As another example, we have a resident who is a former librarian. We have a regular bookmobile on our calendar of events, and being involved in that now brings her immense joy. Another resident shared her love of cooking for family during the assessment, and our hospitality team proactively suggested our cooking night.

How long does an assisted living assessment take?

When scheduling an assessment, plan to spend one to two hours speaking with staff, asking questions, and learning about the community. During an assessment in our Denver community, you’ll meet with the Resident Services Director and a nurse.

Regardless of the community you choose, the personal attention to detail described here represents a best practice in senior living assessments. This is the standard you should seek, because it leads to the best possible quality of life in an assisted living community.

How the assessment helps a senior transition into assisted living

During the assessment, we’re also learning how to best help a new resident with their transition. Our team is already creating a care plan, noting whether someone might need mealtime reminders to settle into their new schedule, thinking about which residents they might become friends with, and so much more.

In essence, the assessment is the first stepping stone toward a long-term relationship between you or your loved one and our caring team. You’ll communicate with the Resident Services Director and nurse regularly throughout the transition period, and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. Our residents cherish the personal connections they make during this time, because they already have two new friends on moving day.

After moving day, don’t be surprised to see transformative life changes:

  • When daily tasks like cooking are handled, a senior might return to a healthy weight.
  • A person who hasn’t left home in months can develop meaningful relationships with new friends.
  • Someone who lost interest in hobbies, like sports, lights up with enthusiasm when we have a Rockies game outing.

These examples are just the beginning. To learn more about the benefits of assisted living and schedule a tour, we encourage you to contact The Argyle today.

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