What’s Exciting About Senior Living

Reasons to Look Forward to Senior Living

Reasons to Look Forward to Transitioning to Senior Living

Moving away from home and into senior living can be a big change, yet there’s also so much to be excited about.

Assisted and independent living communities can be better than home for many seniors. From an improved quality of life and social well-being to balanced nutrition and beyond, there are a number of benefits to consider. Using examples from services and amenities offered here at The Argyle, here’s a glimpse into what seniors can expect when they move into a senior living community.

Enjoy events and activities with new friends

Psychological well-being and physical health are closely linked in older adults. Assisted and independent living communities understand this, and calendars are often packed with game nights, movie nights, crafting activities, shopping trips, outings in the community and more. When residents participate, they’ll automatically be introduced to other people with similar interests.

When searching for the perfect senior housing set-up, look at the community’s calendar of events and activities. Using The Argyle’s own calendar as an example, you can see that residents have many ways to make friends and stay engaged in what they love most.

Savor home-cooked meals

A well-balanced diet enhances health and vitality, but too many seniors have trouble independently managing their diet:

  • Mobility issues make it difficult to move around the kitchen, reach into tall cupboards, and do other cooking-related tasks without getting injured.
  • Transportation is another common problem — if someone can’t get to the grocery store, they can’t easily prepare healthy food at home.
  • Additionally, research has found that dietary factors affecting brain health may be related to increased rates of depression in older adults.

In a senior living community, residents can enjoy tasty and nutritious meals three times per day. As another bonus, they won’t have to do the cooking or cleaning for the community dining meals they enjoy.

Health and wellness programs in senior living communities

Exercise and other wellness-related activities have proven health benefits for older adults. Research on the Medicare SilverSneakers program even conclusively showed that wellness programs improve a senior’s overall quality of life.

Most senior living communities will have some type of fitness and/or wellness program available. As an example, in The Argyle’s Senior Fitness program, residents work with local physical therapists during 30-minute sessions. We’ve seen amazing results amongst residents.

A caring team and dedicated staff

With senior living, older adults also gain access to staff members who are available to help them get the most out of their community.

When choosing a residence to call home, it’s important to find one staffed with employees who make each day brighter. If you and your loved one want to get truly excited about senior living options, this is the standard you should seek when evaluating potential communities.

As a local nonprofit, The Argyle has brought high quality and affordable care to Denver’s seniors since 1874. To this day, our caring team remains committed to encouraging independence and preserving the dignity of every resident who calls our community home.

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