Post-Hospital Recovery for Seniors

successful post-hospital recovery for senior citizens

Getting the Right Care After a Post-Hospital Discharge

Recovering from a hospital visit takes time, especially for older adults. According to research cited by Kaiser Health News, approximately one-third of patients over 70 years old, and more than half of patients over 85, leave the hospital more disabled than when they arrived.

As a result, many seniors need some extra assistance after being discharged from the hospital. Luckily, there’s a lot that can be done to make recovery easier and more successful. Keep reading to learn how seniors and their families can prepare for successful recovery following a hospital stay.

Get prepared before discharge

Many issues that impede recovery can be prevented. Taking care of certain preparations before leaving the hospital will make the healing process go far more smoothly. has published a helpful Discharge Planning Checklist that you can use to prepare for discharge. It includes questions to ask medical staff, action items, resources, and more. Print off a copy, bring it to the hospital, and complete it as soon as possible before checking out of the hospital.

Once you leave, you’ll be sure to have all the information in-hand that’s needed for following the doctor’s post-hospital recovery plan.

Preparing the home for recovery

If equipment or supplies will be needed at home, make sure everything is at the house and set-up properly before discharge. For example, you may need to make room for a hospital bed or move items that could cause falls (like rugs). Don’t forget to stock up on supplies like incontinence pads, disposable gloves, skin care products, and other items that could prove necessary.

What if my loved one doesn’t want to accept post-hospital help?

It is absolutely vital to follow the doctor’s instructions for recovery, but getting seniors to accept help can be difficult. Some have unrealistic expectations about their limitations after leaving the hospital and may wish for more independence than is truly safe.

If your loved one is reluctant to accept help, it’s time to contact their doctor or nurse. Oftentimes, speaking to a medical professional is the best way to convince eager seniors they need a helping hand.

Is assisted living the best choice for my loved one?

For some seniors, an assisted living community is the best option after a hospital discharge. If your loved one is unable to care for themselves independently, assisted living will provide personalized daily-living support that allows them to preserve as much independence as possible.

Assisted living can also be excellent for helping facilitate a senior’s rehabilitation process by taking the pressure off of cooking, cleaning, snow removal and other chores that would otherwise fall on the individual and their caregivers.

If you’re considering assisted living options in Denver for yourself or someone else, we invite you to contact The Argyle to schedule a tour and learn more. Please also feel welcome to call us at 303-217-4146 with any questions. Our caring team will help you make sense of senior living options, no matter where you are in the exploration process.

As a local nonprofit, The Argyle has brought high quality and affordable care to Denver’s seniors since 1874. To this day, our caring team remains committed to encouraging independence and preserving the dignity of every resident who calls our community home.

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