How Do You Start the Conversation About Senior Care Options?

talking about senior care options

A Step-by-Step Guide to Discussing Senior Living

If you have a senior in your life, have you sat down with them to talk about senior care options?

Having this conversation can be difficult, and you may think that it can wait until your loved one needs to move out of their home. But, talking about senior living sooner versus later will help your family remain happy, calm, and healthy during periods of change. You’ll also avoid rushed decisions that arise from emergency situations. When it’s time to make the transition, you’ll be glad to have taken a proactive approach.

But, how do you start this important conversation? Keep reading for step-by-step tips you can use when talking to an aging parent or loved one about senior care.

1. Make a list of your concerns

It’s helpful to create a list of concerns for your aging loved one. You might be worried about falls, medication management, or isolation, for example. Sharing this list with your senior isn’t always necessary, but you can use items from your list to guide the conversation and show how much you care about their well-being.

2. Have a preliminary conversation with siblings and other family members

If you’ll have support from siblings or family members, get everyone together for a preliminary chat. This gives all of the involved parties an opportunity to get on the same page, and you can work together to make a plan for approaching your loved one.

3. Get your loved one involved

When you sit down to talk about senior care with your loved one, emphasize that this is a collaborative process. Explain that you’re all in this together and that their opinions and preferences will guide this entire journey.

4. Tour a few senior living communities

If your loved one is wary about senior living, try inviting them to tour independent and assisted living communities. Tours provide the perfect opportunity to get a taste of the lifestyle and amenities that are available, and going together is a wonderful way to encourage further conversation. Touring a community doesn’t mean the transition into senior living will be happening in the near future, either. Don’t forget to comfort your loved one if they’re uneasy, reassuring them that this is simply a proactive first step to make planning for the future easier and less stressful.

Make sure to tour several different communities offering a variety of senior care options. This will give your loved one an opportunity to see the differences and similarities for themselves, and you both will have plenty of time to think about which type of senior care might be best for future needs.

If you’ll be searching for assisted or independent living in Denver, we’d love to show your family around The Argyle. You can request a tour here.

5. Take it slow

Many seniors are reluctant to talk about the type of care they’ll need as they age, which is understandable. Take the conversation slowly and be prepared to save the discussion for a later date if needed. It’s also helpful to discuss one aspect of care at a time.

6. Never stop talking

Being proactive about senior care means you should have plenty of time for these vital conversations. Take your time exploring different options, and you’ll eventually come to a mutual agreement.

As a local nonprofit, The Argyle has brought high quality and affordable care to Denver’s seniors since 1874. To this day, our caring team remains committed to encouraging independence and preserving the dignity of every resident who calls our community home.

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