Activities for Your Next Visit with a Friend or Loved One in Senior Care

Senior and guest enjoying time together

8 Fun Activities When Visiting a Loved One in Assisted Living


When your elderly friend or loved one lives in senior care, like an assisted living community, they look forward to visits from the people they love most. During your next visit, try one (or more) of these eight activities.


1. Look at old family photos and reminisce together

Reminiscing about memorable moments is a lovely way to bond, and it could even jog your loved one’s memory. Don’t be surprised if browsing old photo albums leads to interesting and entertaining stories you’ve never heard before.


2. Get crafty during your assisted living visit

Seniors who enjoy creating things will be thrilled to make a new craft with their visiting loved ones. 

Pinterest is full of easy crafting ideas that don’t require a ton of materials — you could even browse through pins together. Making a scrapbook is another fun craft, especially after you’ve already gone through old photos.


3. Play your favorite board or card games

With so many types of board and card games, there truly is something for everyone. Many senior living communities have board games and decks of card available as well.


4. Read a book out loud

When it’s hard to carry a conversation, consider reading out loud from a book. This activity will also be well-received by an aging parent who adores hearing your voice.


5. Start your own book club

Whether your loved one reads on their own, listens to audiobooks, or prefers hearing you narrate novels, a book club will keep conversations flowing. 

Pick a book that you’re both interested in, then choose dates to talk about the chapters together. You could even invite other family members and friends to join.


6. Go for a stroll in the neighborhood

When health, mobility, and weather permit, taking a walk with your senior is a healthy way to enjoy each other’s company. At The Argyle, residents and their loved ones can explore our walkable Berkeley/Highlands neighborhood and all it has to offer.


7. Pamper your loved one

Bring some nail tools to give your senior a manicure and pedicure, or bring some massage lotion for a gentle massage. Since this activity involves a lot of touch, make sure all parties feel comfortable beforehand. 


8. Plan your next visit

Show your dedication to keeping the relationship strong by making a plan to visit your senior again soon. Since you can’t do every item on this list in a single visit, consider planning which activities you’ll do together next time.


As a local nonprofit, The Argyle has brought high quality and affordable care to Denver’s seniors since 1874. To this day, our caring team remains committed to encouraging independence and preserving the dignity of every resident who calls our community home.


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