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The Argyle Square

For over 100 years, The Argyle Square has been providing affordable assisted living to Denver area seniors. We have developed a program dedicated to care giving by promoting independence and preserving the dignity of residents. At The Argyle Square, our warm and caring staff knows how to bring happiness to life, with a variety of fun entertainment, engaging activities and assistance with daily needs. We pride ourselves on making sure residents experience the highest and happiest quality of life. The Argyle wants residents to be at their best, and with our superior staff and customized programs, residents are able to get the exact level of care they need.

The Argyle Square is a charming community offering 109 apartments all equipped with sit-down showers and emergency call systems. Feel free to enjoy your life with fun outings and activities, and let us take care of your laundry and housekeeping needs. Each day we serve three tasty and nutritious meals served in our Victorian-style dining room, to feel just like home.

Care for our residents is arranged on an individual basis, which ensures each receives the appropriate level of assistance. Care conference meetings are held at The Argyle Square and include all key staff members, with residents and families invited and encouraged to attend.

This pleasant community setting gives residents the opportunity to have family members and friends visit in a cozy living area and enjoy a variety of stimulating social, recreational and educational life-enriching programs. At The Argyle, happiness comes to life, in a comfortable space where you can be yourself and live the way you want to live.

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The Argyle
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