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Senior socialization?

Do they have socialization? Seniors get bored and depressed just like the rest of us when they spend too much time alone.  Your parent may have gone from a working, contributing part of society for the last 60 years, to someone who watches TV all day and

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Healthy eating for Seniors?

Are they eating correctly? When your mom and dad are having difficulty with the physical act of shopping and cooking, meals begin to look like a bowl of ice cream or cereal every night. Taste buds change over time and food does not taste as appealing, except

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Proper medication supervision for the elderly.

Are they taking medications correctly? If you are finding medications hidden under the carpet, in a drawer, missing, or taken before it is time, then having someone else administer your mom’s medications may be a good solution.  Assisted Livings have qualified medication administration personnel (QMAPS) to give

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Fall risk prevention for Seniors.

Are they a fall risk? Yes, this question is connected to the first one, but many individuals are at risk to fall when trying to get up from a chair, pick up something on the floor, or even walk around their home. Warning, throw rugs are major

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Safe environment for your loved ones.

Is their environment safe for their unique needs? This usually is an easy one to see and answer. Does the house have stairs they can’t manage anymore? Is your mom sleeping in the living room because she can’t go up the stairs to the bedroom? Is the

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